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Jeff Blundell Producer - Director - Writer

Connecting with global audiences through inspiring storytelling.
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Storytelling with purpose

When I was 18 I got my first job as a bartender. I heard a lot of people tell stories. A few were fascinating, but only a few. In my twenties I moved to Ireland: More pubs, more stories. Then Africa: more stories, but this time beside a campfire in the bush.

Great storytelling isn't an inate talent, or a national trait, or a product of having done cool stuff. Great storytelling is a skill. But when you do it right, it seems effortless.


Broadcast television has grown up. The emergence of direct to audience platforms has forced television to up its game. If you're going to put a show on cable it has to be amazing. Daily Planet, Canada in Perspective, and The Sports Business Show are all examples of the high quality, award-winning television I've produced for the Canadian market.

Branded Content

It really should be called "Content that is Branded," but that's too clunky.

Never forget that it's content first, and branding second. If you make something that looks, sounds, and feels like a commercial... you've missed the point -- and probably missed your target audience.


Podcasting is booming right now. And why not? Its an affordable and intimate way to get your brand out there.

But when you listen to the flood of content hitting the market you are quickly reminded that strong narratives still rule the day.

I can shape your story into a format that will keep listeners so engaged, they won't want to get out of their car until its over.

Jeff Blundell
Producer, Director, Writer

About Jeff Blundell

I'm a father, a sailor and a musician.

I've lived, worked, fallen in love, and lost my sunglasses on four continents.

I believe if you aren't having fun at work, the problem isn't your job, its the way you're approaching it. Changing your job won't actually help, but changing your attitude will.

I'm actually a really bad baseball player but the 10-year old kids on the house-league team I coach, think I'm awesome. Please don't tell them.

I love what I do and my mom thinks I'm pretty good at it.

Contact Jeff

Tell me what you want to accomplish and I'll help you get there.

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Ajax, Canada, L1T 0N7

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