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Connecting with global audiences through inspiring storytelling.

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   Fifty years ago, Ford rolled out a new kind of vehicle. It was a truck you could drive through the mountains at night, and take to the opera in the evening. It was the first  "do-everything" vehicle. It was the first SUV.

   But 1966 was a long time ago. And today's car buying public might not fully appreciate how influential the Bronco brand was.

   This series will take you on a wild ride through 50 years of blood, sweat, and dirt.

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Bring Back Bronco Trailer - Ford
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When I was 18 I got my first job as a bartender. I listened to a lot of people tell stories. A few were fascinating, but only a few. In my twenties I moved to Ireland: More pubs, more stories. Then Africa: more stories, but this time beside a campfire in the bush.

Great storytelling isn't an innate talent, or a national trait, or a product of having done cool stuff. Great storytelling is a skill. But when you do it right, it seems effortless.

About Jeff Blundell

The Beginings

A lot of people trace the origins of podcasting back to the 1980's and the advent of 'audioblogging.' But it actually began much earlier. In the 1920's audiences were listening to 'Radio Dramas.' Families would sit silently in rapt fascination, glued to the scratchy voice on their AM receiver. In 1947 a survey found that 82 out of 100 Americans were avid radio listeners.

That audience still exists, except now they are downloading high quality digital audio files onto their phones.

Where We Are

Sixty-two million daily listeners. 535,000 active podcast series ... That's more than 18.5 million episodes. And 2000 more are being made available every week. Apple has recorded over 50 billion downloads since 2014.

Those are huge numbers and they tell you two things: The medium is booming, but if you don't do it right, your fabulous content will get lost very quickly.

Looking Forward

As of the start of 2019, 56% of Americans have never listened to a podcast ... but the trends clearly show they will soon. And when they open up a podcasting app for the first time they are going to be floored by the selection available.

The future of podcasting is not about creating great content, that's already being done. To be successful in the future we need to make sure your target audience can find it, even when they don't know it exists.




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