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Scimar is a medical research company with very little public profile. They want to change that, and be seen as a smart, bold, and exciting innovator. This series profile science innovators from the past and draws parallels to Scimar's work today.

Inside the Breakthrough Trailer - SciMar and Dan Riskin
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- Launched January 2021

- Now in its 3rd season.

- Ranked #1 Science Podcast in Canada

Inside the Breakthrough Series Art.jpg

Produced with Pacific Content

Tell Me What Happened_3000x3000ƒ.jpg

OnStar's point of differentiation is that when you need help, they will provide a real person. This series celebrates the power of a human connection.

Tell Me What Happened - OnStar
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- Now in its 4th season.

- "Best Audio Marketing Campaign" at the 2022 D Show Awards.

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Ford is bringing back the Bronco and wanted to build a shared knowledge of history with a new audience. This 8-part serial tells the untold story of the brand.

Bring Back Bronco Trailer - Ford
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- Launched August 2020

- Ranked as #1 Automotive Podcast in America within 4 days.

Produced with Pacific Content

Bring Back Bronco.jpg
Cord Blood Logo Large.png

Insception is a Cord Blood collection and storage company. This series has three short episodes answering key questions about the process.

What are the Chances? - Insception
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- launched March 2020

Produced with Pacific Content

CBS has an exciting new show that takes a fun and farcical look at female murderers. This companion podcast take a much more serious look at Why Women Kill.

Why Women Kill Trailer - CBS
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- Launched September 2019

Produced with Pacific Content

Why Women Kill.jpg
The Special.jpg

BMW is all about 'getting out there and exploring the real world.' So we hopped in a new BMW X7 and went looking for the best restaurants in America.

The Special Trailer - BMW
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- Launched February 2019

- #1 ranked Food podcast in America

Produced with Pacific Content

Facebook connects people. But how connected are we? Six degrees of separation? How about 3.5 degrees?

3.5 Degrees Trailer - Facebook
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- Launched January 2019

Produced with Pacific Content

35 degrees.jpg
Fixed That For You logo.jpg

Segment is a data management company that wanted to establish a following among engineers, so we created this series about creative problem solving.

Fixed That For You - Trailer - Segment
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- 10-thousand downloads on the first week of launch.

- Connected with listeners who now send in story suggestions for season 2.

Produced with Pacific Content

GE has built their brand around the idea

of "Genius." We took that theme and dove deep into the complicated lives of young people with exceptional intelligence.

Decoding Genius Trailer - General Electric
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- Winner of INMA Award for "Best Marketing Solution."

- Reached number #5 in the iTunes podcast charts.

Decoding Genius.jpg
Origins Australia.jpg

OZ Forex is a currency exchange company targeting small Australian businesses. We created this series about Aussie brands going global.

Origins Australia - Ep 1 - Budgy Smugglers
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- High profile guests and well respected host generated a great deal of earned media.

Telstra in Australia holds a massive conference every year. To extend the footprint of that event we created an original podcast series for all attendees.

Behind the Mic Trailer - by Telstra Vantage
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- Increased the impact of the event.

- Improved ongoing connection with attendees.

- Boosted attendance for next year.

Telstra Behind the Mic.jpg

In the days before podcasting I produced a lot of television for Discovery Channel, Sportsnet and Cottage Life Channel.

I also created high end corporate videos. Samples of that work are here:

Video Portfolio.

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