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Attracting Investors - case study

A multi-platform, story driven campaign to attract potential investors to a bio-research startup.


Client: SciMar Ltd

Production: 2023

In market: Full Launch planned for 2024


To find and appeal to people with an interest in investing in a cure for type 2 diabetes and direct them to a website where they can invest.


We imagined two distinct potential investors: Someone who cares about diabetes, and someone attracted to risky investment opportunities. We then created multiple collections of content (written, video, audio) and are positioning it to attract their attention. Contact information obtained through these content platforms is then used for direct marketing campaigns.


For the people interested in helping end type 2 diabetes we created a science history podcast called "Inside the Breakthrough." This series positions Scimar as the latest chapter in a long history of brilliant scientific innovation. We also created an online news archive of articles about living with T2D. The site is a legitimate resource for people diagnosed with T2D, and it also serves as a honeypot to attract viable investors.

For the investment crowd we have created animated videos explaining the rules of  "Regulation A+" investing. We also created a YouTube Channel called "Manitoba Moonshot" which positions Scimar as a bold, adventurous company with the potential for historic returns.


The full campaign will roll out in 2024 after the SEC approves Scimar's Regulation A+ exemption status. Early beta testing of the campaign's elements have been promising including the first two seasons of the podcast which collected 500k downloads and won multiple awards.

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