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Bring Back Bronco - case study

A podcast series accompanied by web, digital, and traditional media promotion.


Client: Ford Motor Company

Production: January - July 2020

In market: August 2020 to present


To excite existing fans of the Bronco and give them an opportunity to re-immerse themselves in the rich history of the brand. Also to introduce the brand to a new audience that only has a passing knowledge of it's place in American history.


We created an 8 part podcast series called Bring Back Bronco. Podcast was chosen because it allowed us to go deep into historical stories without the need for extensive historical video. It also aligned with the client's target demographic as podcasts are very often enjoyed while driving.


Through interviews with Ford employees, historians, and Bronco fans around the world we created 4 hours of documentary style audio content. We leaned heavily into historical figures with modern day relevance such as OJ Simpson, and Martin Luther King.


These editorial choices allowed us to pursue and receive a great deal of high quality earned media including a front page article in the Detroit Free Press. The series was the top ranked automotive podcast in America and also won a number of international and domestic awards.

Most importantly it got people talking about, dreaming of, and ultimately buying a Ford Bronco.

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