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Canada in Perspective - case study

A broadcast television show created for a dual audience: both sighted and visually impaired people.


Client: Accessible Media Inc

Production: Oct 2014 - Feb 2016

In market: 2015, 2016 (two seasons, 28 episodes)


To create a mainstream show that would be enjoyed by people regardless of their level of sight.


We chose to tackle broad, mainstream topics such as travel, personal finance, dating, and education, but we approached all these topics from the perspective of a Canadian living with a disability.


Through interviews with people across the country we crafted stories about "dating while blind," or which universities were best at accommodating students with disabilities.

We were able to ask city planners, banking executives, prison wardens, and travel agents about how they design systems that work for people with disabilities.

We also did "man on the street" interviews to capture as many perspectives as possible.

The writing of the show was a combination of "writing to pictures" and "writing for the ear." This is a unique challenge but one that is becoming increasingly important as content creators strive to generate products that are effective on multiple platforms.


The show was awarded the Canadian Screen Award for Diversity. This award recognized our efforts to tell the stories of a specific group of Canadians that are often left out of the conversation.

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