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Recreating Image - case study

An experiential campaign that delivers a new brand impression and real world impacts


Client: SciMar Ltd

Production: 2023

In market: November/December 2023


To change the image of a pharma company from that of a 'pill pusher' to a company truly working towards ending type 2 diabetes.


It is broadly accepted that poor eating habits are one of the prime causes of type 2 diabetes. Furthermore it is well know that diet habits formed by young adults are often continue throughout their life. So, we created a program to give young people the skills and the means to make healthy meals. This project positioned the client, as a company interested in preventing the disease, not just profiting from selling drugs that manage the condition.


I procured a $35,000 grant from Health Canada to fund the program. We partnered with a youth centre in Winnipeg that already has ties to youth that could benefit from this program. Then I hired a co-ordinator who likewise had existing connections to the community. We advertised the program and attracted over 70 applicants. We ran four instructional dinner parties. Each participant was given a basic cookware set and a gift card to a local grocery store.


By the end of the program each young person had the confidence, the knowledge, and the means to make a healthy dinner for themselves and their family.

The client was then able to communicate their role in the program across multiple channels including through the use of a 4-minute video we created.

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