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Vaccine Education - case study

An e-learning program for vaccine hesitant parents.


Client: Ontario Ministry of Health

Production: Sept - Dec  2017

In market: January 2018 to present


To encourage parents who have asked for exemptions to the province's vaccination policy for their school-aged children, to reconsider.


The province mandated that any parent requesting an exemption had to complete an education course before an exemption would be granted. We created a one-hour online learning module that examined much of the information used withing the anti-vax community. After the course, parents were given the opportunity to withdraw their exemption request.


We knew we were facing a very entrenched anti-vax community: These were people who were willing to go to great lengths to avoid vaccinating their children. The tone of the content needed to be professional, but not bossy or insulting. We also varied the modality constantly: text, animation, video, and interactive activities were all included so that the participant needed to stay engaged throughout the process.

The tone throughout was peer-to-peer information sharing. This was achieved in part through the selection of the hosts and the experts, all of who were fellow parents.


Despite being delivered to an audience with a firmly entrenched mindset, 18% of the participants reconsidered their intentions after taking the program. This exceeded any of the ministry's previous efforts.

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