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Audio = Investing

Can a podcast drive investors to your offering? Yes.

You already know that your highest conversion rates come from the streams with the deepest engagement, and nothing is deeper than podcasting.

  • Online ads = 6 seconds of attention

  • Youtube Videos = 2 minutes of attention

  • Podcasts = 24 minutes of attention


* all fees in US dollars

How will a podcast help me get investors?

Before anyone invests in your company two things have to happen.

  • They need to know you exist.

  • They need to care about the same things you do.

This applies whether you are selling drones, curing diabetes, or offering partial ownership in rental properties. A well-made, well-positioned podcast can do both those things. For starters, it will reach people at just the right moment. Many people read blogs and watch videos while at work, but podcasts are almost exclusively a media of choice during personal time. 'Walking the dog' and 'exercising' are two of the most common times to listen to podcasts. That means you are reaching people when they are relaxed, curious, and open to new ideas. And because the best podcasts appeal to hyper-specific audiences, you can create a show that will appeal to like-minded people who will become your super-fans, and ultimately your best investors.

Why this particular podcast company?

I've been doing this a long time. For many people, podcasting might seem like a new medium, but for me, it's been the focus of my work for almost a decade. The first podcast I created was "Decoding Genius" for General Electric in 2016. My most recent show is "Tell Me What Happened," for OnStar which is still publishing regularly. Both were award winners, and both connected a brand with an audience of people who shared their values.

I understand the investor journey for Regulation A+, Reg D, and Reg CF. Retail level investing is a unique animal. While many production companies will say they have an approach that will work for every project, I understand that seeking investors is not like selling running shoes. Together, we will seek out and engage people who want to join your company on its mission.

I've got proven results. My series for SciMar led directly to a $900K stock purchase from an accredited investor after just five months, and hundreds of thousands of dollars from retail level investors in the months that followed. Similarly, my work for Ford and Vertex have achieved direct, measurable results.

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